Flexible Electric Heating Solutions

for the Laboratory, R&D, & Industry.

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Heating Jackets & Blankets

for Stand Alone or Complex Electric Heating Solutions

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Laboratory Heating Tapes

for Lab Apparatus, or anywhere Modular, Wrap-On Heat is needed

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Temperature Controls & Accessories

Temperature Controllers, Control Panels & Accessories

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Heating System Solutions

Unique, Custom Systems for Vacuum, Bake-Out, Thermal Expansion, and more...

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Most Popular Product... Allows leads on one end for easy wiring.

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Featured Products

  • Duo-Tape®

    Heating Tapes featuring the Duo-Tape® design. Easy install with lead wires on one end.

  • Tubular Heating Jacket

    With form fit "spherical" top.

  • Custom Silicone Heating Tape

    汤姆高清影院,泰国美女68283精品人体,太深了啊快啊别停啊好涨啊With "lacing eye" closure.

  • PID Controllers

    Introducing the new BBA-300 Microprocessor.